In Ice Optis, Girls Rock!


Daniel Hearn:
Cool--  Nine kids signed up the first North American Ice Opti Championships already.   

Even Cooler--  Seven of the nine are girls!

That's right boys, the girls are taking over.  States represented so far include Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey.  What about the Juniors in Minnesota and elsewhere?  Boats under construction all over; lots of calls/e-mails for building tips and parts suppliers.   

Thinking of coming? Send me an e-mail to let me know. 

Got parts you'd be willing to donate? What good are they doing sitting in your shop collecting dust anyway? Just ship me whatever you've got:  side chocks, steering chocks, steering rods, tillers, etc.  I'll pass it on to a kid who'll put it to good use.  My address:  919 Spaight St., Madison, WI  53703.

Pulling together quantity orders for runners (full set of 3 for $60 total)  and sails ($100 - $150) to get very low prices.  Need either/both? Get in touch with me soon. 

Think Ice!

Daniel Hearn
608-692-2007 (cell) 


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