It's a GPS Action Replay Party...


Daniel Hearn:
...And You're Invited!!!!

At the Host Hotel on Saturday night of the Ice Optimist North Americans we're going to have one heck of a party.  Food, fun and one of the coolest learning experiences your Junior ice sailor could ever get. 

We'll kick it off with all the pizza any of us cares to eat.  Then, for dessert, what else-- a "build your own ICEcream Sunday bar.  Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry....jimmies, whipped cream, nuts, hard shell chocolate topping-- I think I'll have some of each.

Then, the first of our double-feature entertainment---a high tech "chalk talk" with GPS Action Replay.  So what's that, Mr. Event Promoter Dude? Glad you asked.

We're going to equip as many of the Ice Optimists as we can with GPS tracking devices that will allow us to play back the day's races on a laptop computer hooked up to a projector.  Each boat is assigned a different color, so, on the "big screen," we can all see what happened out on the ice.  We'll have a panel of North America's ice sailing "Rock Stars" assembled to narrate the playback.  We'll get to see boats that started fast or slow, boats that sailed high or low, boats that hit their laylines and boats that didn't, etc.  And everything will be geared to the kids to keep the whole learning session simple, educational, but most importantly, FUN!

And speaking of fun, we'll then wind down the party with a kid-appropriate movie, also projected on the big screen.

(If you have a wrist or handheld GPS unit, please bring it to the event.  The more we have, the more boats we can equip).

We'll take a head count and collect for food at Registration.  All event attendees are welcome.   8)


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