Kudos to Opti Regatta Organizers



It was very well organized with alot of forethought.  Dan and his race committee did a great job.  Over the course of the weekend, they gradually taught the kids to sail safely around the course.  Dan's chalk session (with Ron Sherry and all the "other" kids chiming in) kept everyone's attention and participation throughout.  It was fun & informative for the adults as well.
The kids had a great time getting to know junior sailors from other states (both East & West).  They hung together all weekend... learning, sailing, eating and even swimming together (not through broken ice).  They remained tremendously collegial throughout the weekend and knew that they were there to sail safely and to improve their skills.  The Sherry sweep was only apropos.  I was happy to hear Griffin Sherry (our first champ) speak of the importance of safety and fun when he accepted his trophy.

Dan Hearn has a special & professional way both with adults and kids.  We are very lucky that he put this historic regatta together.  There were 1st NA Opti hats for all the sailors, trophies 5 deep and even special awards for the different sailors that gave it their best.....Kudos to Dan and all those who helped him organize and pull off this great regatta.

Jordan (C928)  & Jake Glaser (Opti US 19)

David Frost:
I'll second every thing Jordan said.  Great job all around.  We can not give Daniel enough thanks for the work he put into this event.  What a way to get a new generation hooked on this sport!  Also a big thanks to all the folks there with out kids of there own!!


Rosemary Hamill:
It was five years ago that we arrived in Estonia just in time to see the juniors from Germany, Poland and Sweden in their Ice Opti's. They were sailing fast and having fun! It made me anxious to get my equipment together, somewhat piecemeal and scattered as it had been two years in storage up in Hindeloopen (northern Holland). And, it made me sad that we had no such organization until ... December 2007 and history is being made for North America, with GIRLS making up a huge percentage of the sailors!
Love to all,
US 4066 Rosemary Hamill

Daniel Hearn:
Hi Rosemary:

Nice to hear from you.  So who was it who said that girls don't ice sail in North America, anyway!?


Daniel Hearn  DN--US 5352
Proud Dad of Sheridan Hearn  Ice Opti--US 1
                   Frankie Hearn    Ice Opti--US 7 


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