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gorilla dust:
Hello all
maybe you can help me. I am the commidore of the south bay scooter club. we are running the opti nationals this year 2008 in Patchouge NY in july. we are going to be displaying some of our boats at the site. I was wondering if there are any ice optis in the northeast that we could put on display to maybe get some interest in ice sailing. as we all know we need some younger peaple to join the sport we love to keep it going. our web site is you can contact me through that site or at . I look fwd to hearing from you and hope everyone is enjoying the sailing season so far.

thank you
Larry Becker
commidore South Bay Scooter Club

Larry - My son Jake sailed in the ice opti nationals.  We live in Brooklyn.  His ice opti is from Poland.  It is stored with Bridget MacCormack's ice opti (made by her father) in our enclosed trailer located in Toms River, New Jersey.  The trailer will be on the road this coming week in order to attend the Central Ice Opti's.
Feel free to email me...Jordan Glaser


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