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Author Topic: Welcome!  (Read 13136 times)
« on: October 25, 2006, 10:32:33 PM »

Welcome to the forum board of the IDNIYRA, North America.  This forum is sponsored by the DN class, and by sponsors (eventually, hopefully).  The purpose of this forum is to promote the sailing and racing of DN iceboats.  This includes communication among members and guests, exchange of building, tuning and racing information, and coordination of sailing so sailable, safe ice can be found and shared.

Most of the board is open for anyone to read.  If you register, you may post.  If you are a paid IDNIYRA member, you have access to the 'DN members only' section.  This board will evolve, but the intent is to publish all the Runner Track articles in the members
section, limit rules discussions to members, and other features of most interest to members and active racers.  The rest, including the tricks of building and sailing are free to interested folks around the world.


1.  Be respectful and on topic.  Disrespect to posters, posting items not related to iceboats and the clothing and equipment needed to sail them is not on topic.

2.  No profanity, insulting or degrading posts are appropriate.

3.  Items for sale or looking to buy also need to be on topic.

4.  Items posted are open to public view and no privacy can be assured.  This is a semi-public form, and the originators of the board, the IDNIYRA, the administrators and the officers of the class take no responsibility for any post.  A reasonable and diligent effort will be made to keep the posts on this forum within the bounds stated above.  This does not mean inappropriate posts might not pass onto the site from time to time, but means that the volunteer site administrators will make regular efforts to limit inappropriate posting and remove inappropriate posts.  This is supposed to be fun, so lighten up, ok?

5.  Safety in iceboating is and should be an item of concern.  Fundamental rules to enhance safety are encouraged:
   a.  Never sail alone.
   b.  Set a return time and have someone look for you if you do not check in.
   c.  Check the ice.  Avoid hazardous ice conditions.
   d.  Avoid collisions.
   e.  Be considerate and cautious around other users of the ice, especially
        pedestrians, skaters, skiers, dogs, and fisherfolk.   Wink
   f.   Be cautious around motorized vehicles, especially those moving fast.
   g.  Wear a helmet.  Dress appropriately.

Let the discussions begin!   Grin
« Last Edit: December 25, 2006, 04:40:26 PM by KEN SMITH » Logged
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2006, 09:03:57 PM »


Great job!

As a long-time user of this forum software, I just want to point out my two favorite features for keeping up with the latest activity.  At the top of the page (just underneath the "Hello <your name>"), there are two links:
  • Show unread posts since last visit.
  • Show new replies to your posts.
Clicking on them brings up a view of just the posts in either catagory. 
They are my most common way to quickly see what's been happening since the last time I visited the site.
At the top and bottom of the lists they generate is a link titled "Mark ALL messages as read".

Another non-obvious feature is the small icon at the far right of any topic.  Clicking on it takes you to the last post in the thread.


Geoff S.
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2006, 06:04:23 AM »

The web guys developing this page are Dierk  Polzin and Jerry Gapinsky at Acuity Creative in Madison.   

While I appreciate the thanks and praise, I am a specifier.  Those guys are doing all the work.  Thank them.

Ken Smiley

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