New Proposal 11, Reduced entry fees

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Ken Smith:
Oh how I wish the proposal had stopped at 4)a).  Local sailors with a regatta at home get to sail without the penalty.  A GREAT thing.

I have several problems voting yes to 4)b).  Novice entries.  The wording is too vague, and the logic is flawed as a result.  I pity sorting this out at registration!

"Novice DN racers may enter ... if two years association dues are paid.  No other event registration will apply."  Novice is a person that never belonged to IDNIYRA or has a lapsed membership of five years. 

So if I join this year for the first time, and I paid after buying a boat at the swap meet in November, and I show up at the regatta in February, am I a novice?  Or only if I wander in to the regatta and decide to buy a boat and race?  What if I had some cash, so I paid two years dues at November, will anyone at teh regatta know?  Am I a novice?  So I show up and set up and race, and pay no registration?  The waiver is part of a contract, and this guy gets to enter but did not compensate the class for entry.  Is there a contract?

All issues better left alone.  Sorry, I vote no.

Ken Smith

Paul Goodwin - US 46:
I'm with Ken on this one...

Plus, it encourages rank amateurs -- new sailors who may never have even put a DN together before -- to participate in the World and "Continental" Championships. One thing for sure, if Proposal #11 passes I'll be glad I'm not sailing in the lowest fleet (for now at least).

Bob Gray:
  I agree with both Ken and Paul. I think 4(a) is a fine Idea and 4(b) is a bad one. Why not rewrite it with just 4(a). This would also allow a brand new sailor compete for a reasonable amount.

Capt Dave:
I travel hundreds of miles, spend thousands  on gas and hotels and food. then when the race is in someones backyard we are supposed to let them race for free, cause they dont want to pay the penalty. Its not a penalty, its a discount for people that register early, so the race committee can get organized ahead of time. This is not a time for complete novices to come learn to race, its a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP REGATTA. How would either party feel if a novice T-bones a top contender. You gota pay to play

Capt Dave, I see your point about novices competing.  I consider my self a relative novice.  THe only collsion I saw last year at the NAs was between two top boats in the Gold fleet.  I am a college student who pursues sailing the DN fairly heavily, however cannot take a week or more off to travel to the East Coast to race.  Many times the location changes at the last minute and the financial and time commitment become somewhat less and I may consider going.  For me it is a financial decision, pay 60 dollars and I may not be able to attend or pay 120 dollars if I can attend if it works out.  If someone else decides to race after the early entry deadline does it really cost the organizers double what someone who enters early.

If the regatta the regatta is moved to my back yard at the last minute and I wasnt able to plan months ahead to attend, and now have to pay the high fee, I would probably have to pass. 

In the past few years I have heard a call for new sailors especially younger ones to join the class and become active.  The entry fees can be very steep for someone who just spent quite alot of money on a boat they only use for a small part of the year.  We need to entice people to come sail and learn.

Since I started sailing when I was 16 I have always been the youngest or nearly the youngest person on the ice.  What percent of the US competitors are under the age of 25?  Its a pretty small amount.  Does the class want to be known as the geriatric class.  Although a do applaud those sailing into there later years.

I guess what I am getting at does the high entry fee promote racing for the class.   

DN 5174 


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