Western Challenge Regatta, Fergus Falls


Ken Smith:
Friday was the perfect first day of the season.  Winds less than 10 and ice 9, a short course was laid out in the bay by the launch so folks could tune while the rest of the lake was scouted.  A course of about 3/4 mile was set up and 43 boats lined up for informal racing.  No starting marks, no race committee, no finish postings, pick you spot and listen carefully as someone (often Ron) shouts GO.

There are about 55 boats set up on Dead Lake, 20 miles NE of Fergus Falls.  Today's forecast is for 15 degrees and 20 mph winds all day.   

Update tomorrow.


Geoff Sobering:
Reports about the event at Iceboating.net and Iceboat.org.

Great weekend!  Thanks to everyone who helped make it possible! ;D

Now, I only have to figure out what I did on Friday that made my boat so fast... ???


Geoff S.


    Ok Geoff,

         Sooooooooo where are the results of the Westerns? ;D

  Think Ice

  Nick Vitale
  DN 1006

Geoff Sobering:
Quote from: NICK VITALE on December 07, 2006, 02:17:35 PM

Sooooooooo where are the results of the Westerns? ;D

Right here! http://iceboating.net/node/1642  :-[


Geoff S.


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