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Author Topic: Dolly (aka Darling) marks  (Read 30119 times)

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« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2009, 11:03:55 AM »

Thoughts darling marks at the leeward mark/ finish line:

  I see a darling mark at the bottum of the course as more a negative than a positive.   It definately makes the finish line "smaller", forces more boats closer to the scorers and takes away tactical options at tht bottum of the last leeward leg.
  I would like to see ALL  finishing yachts pass between the leeward mark and a "mark" between start position 1 and 2.  The "finish line" would remain where it has been, but all finishing yachts would be required to stay above the starting line after the finish and all would pass around the same end  (position #49) as they return to the pit areas behind the line.  The usual mark rounding rules would apply at the mark end of the finish line.  In addition, a yacht that crosses the starting line or forces another yacht to cross the starting line after finishing would be disqualified.  That would require both port and starboard tack yachts to think ahead when approaching the finish.  Those finishing on Starboard tack must be prepared to gybe to port around the finish mark, just as they do when it is the leeward mark; they must allow room for yachts finishing on port to safely proceed around the end of the starting line as described.  I think just another 20 meters (60 feet) between the start line and the leeward mark would be more than adequate room.  The classic safety run out zone straight downwind of the finish line would be eliminated.  As a safety measure, starting positions 2-36 should probably not be "loaded" untill all yachts in the current race have finished; just in case a yacht does not maintian control after the finishing and has to pass thru there.  They would however be disqualified for doing so unless another yacht caused them to incorrectly "return to the pits after finishing".
  I think a windward darling about 100 yard from the windward mark is something we must try.  Maybe we will try it tomorrow on Cass Lake here in Michigan.  Cass lake is in great shape and they are racing on it right now.  Tomorrow we race for the Strat Hendrie Memorial trophy.  The ice is nice, the price is right and the access is at Dodge park on the north side; the whole lake is raceable.
                                         Sail safe, see ya there,
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