Cass Lake today, Feb. 1, 2009


  Four or five Opties sailed today. I think two Opti races were held on the .8-.9 mile long DN course; twice around. The conditions were shifty and puffy.  The kids did great.  One performed two tacks and a jibe instantly after being hit by a dive bombing puff.  All came out OK and he kept racing; good job!  He must have been trying to emulate Matt World Champion Struble who did something similar at the weather mark today.  This was the first time I saw how well the boats/rigs do in puffy/windy conditions; just a perfect way to start in iceboating!
                              DN 4379

Daniel Hearn:
Three Ice Optis also sailed on Lake Monona in Madison, WI both Saturday and Sunday.  Winds were moderate on Saturday and howling on Sunday.  Many scrub races were held both days.  Kids did great and are really learning their way around these boats.  US4379 is spot on! These are awesome ice boats for kids even when it's blowing 20+.  Joining Frankie and Sheridan Hearn both days was 7 year old Tyler Metzloff.  It was a ball.  The Spaight Street Syndicate is looking forward to the Ice Opti Centrals hopefully next weekend.   


Any official updates for the Ice-Optis for this weekend?

rain in the forecast is making the call (go or no-go)for an opti regatta  difficult.   My guess is that the call will be tonight.   


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