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Daniel Hearn:
If you haven't seen it already, check out the Ice Opti video of the '08 - '09 season, which was picked up on Sailing Anarchy today.  Great exposure! Rock on!

Daniel Hearn
US 5352

Nice work, great exposure for the kids and the sport !

I concur!  Great work Daniel with the Opti Program.  I'm interested in helping out -  what are the needs -  $, time, equipment, etc?  Let us know.  thanks.

Ben Shaevitz
DN US 5395
Harrisville, PA

Daniel Hearn:
Ayes, Ben:

Thx for your kind words.  To answer your question, Ben, what I think we need most is "loaner" boats.  The juniors we've attracted so far are the kids of passionate DN sailors.  To attract many more, we need to gain interest from kids of more casual DN sailors.  These are families who, understandably so, would be reluctant to spend the time or money to build or buy a boat before their kid has had a chance to try it and find out whether it's for them or not.  Once in a boat, more often than not, we've lit the fire.  Without "extra" boats around, however, the match never gets struck.  The next layer after that is to attract juniors who are summer sailors, but not from families who are yet winter sailors.  Again, loaner boats are the key to gaining trial.  I have a loaner boat in my trailer now available for anyone to use.  Two juniors used it this season and both are now building boats for next.  And we expect one of the dads to be in a new DN, also.  So in short, build the boats and they will come! Don't hesitate to let me know what I can do to help get the wood flying!

US 5352


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