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Ken Smith:

Sarns Hardware is doing fine.  I just bought a set for the new hull, and teh service was great!

I ordered one part wrong, and Doug did a free exchange, no charge.  THe screw up was mine....

My new hull is deeper at the tiller bearing than "standard" and Doug made a custom fit for me.

For the other Pewaukee builders:  Check your hull depth there!  We are all the same and mine is 7-1/4 with the skins on!  I ordered 7-3/8 so I get a little out at the top and bottom.


Ken Smith:
Dave's Machine is making some hardware. 

He has dynomite fast pins (solid) that can stand the loads on the forestay.  He also has made some mast step hardware like the Davenport design.  Small ball on a post that is plucked from one hole and placed in another to change the adjustment.  (Not anodized, but functional!)

Other stuff too.

Dave's contact information:

Dave's Machining
David L. Yeadon
402 Milwaukee Ave.
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538
email: 3yeadons AT charter.net
Dave's Machining offers a large range of DN parts. Call or email Dave for a price list.


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