Has the Technical Committee made a ruling?

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Mark Isabell - DN5014:
 (see picture below)

Not trying to stir the pot but, has there been a ruling from the DN Technical Committee on this design? If not, when can the class expect a ruling on this subject?


Mark Isabell


DN 805:
The chock issue has been discussed thoroughly by the TC and the committee is voting the weekend of December 16-17, 2006.    Members will be advised shortly.

Paul Goodwin - US 46:
This has been a technically challenging interpretation for the Technical Committee (TC).   After long discussion and review of the design, the TC voted and has come to the majority opinion:

The "Kent" style chock (with a narrow outer flange) and a runner stiffener with the pivot bolt passing through it meets the current Specifications. 

The reinforcing bar between the head of the pivot bolt and the runner body is considered a runner stiffener, and as such must meet all specifications for a runner stiffener.  Being a runner stiffener, it is not considered part of the runner plank hardware and is not included in the measurement of plank length (spec B.1).

The Technical Committee is working on the wording for the Official Interpretation.

Paul Goodwin
Chairman - IDNIYRA Technical Committee
email: webmaster@idniyra.org

edited 21 Dec 2006 by Paul Goodwin

Ken Smith:
Jeff Kent, the innovator and sailor of the bamboo mast, developed these chocks.  The inside flange is stiff and full length.  The outside flange is very narrow, only an inch or less wide.  The runner bolt also clamps a carbon fiber "reinforcement" to the runner and bolt tension pulls the whole assembly together.

Advantage:  The reinforcement clamps the runner into the full length half of the flange.  TO align the runners, shim only the side against the inside of the flange.  More predictible and easier.  Also, your chocks will NEVER be bent... The runners are mostly supported at the fore and aft ends of the flange.  Aschocks get bent in use, most of the support is in the middle of teh runner.  Makes for a stiffer system overall.

Disadvantages:  TBD.  THe retention of the runner depends on the bolt.  It IS a strong bolt....

Jim McDonagh [us5214]:
Here's a link to another picture of the chock.



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