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Author Topic: World Championship -- Central Region Host  (Read 35759 times)
« on: October 26, 2006, 10:24:59 AM »

 Notice of race
2006 IDNIYRA World and North American Championships

Racing for the 2007 Gold Cup and North American Championship regattas will start on Sunday, February 18 and end on or before Saturday, February 25.

Registration will be on Saturday, February 17, 2007.

The host region is the Central Lakes Region of North America.

Go to the IDNIYRA.org (also found at the opening page of DNAmerica.org)
for the links to the following:

Notice of Race - 2007 IDNIYRA World Championship

Entry Form - 2007 IDNIYRA World Championship

Notice of Race - 2007 IDNIYRA North American Championship

Entry Form - 2007 IDNIYRA North American Championship
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« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2007, 06:51:57 PM »

Hotline for 2007GC/NAs -------------- 248-988-0851

     First official update will be Tuesday Feb.6,2007
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« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2007, 09:14:11 AM »

Wed. morning update – IDNIRYA Worlds and NA’s – The final selection of the site for the World Gold Cup and North American regattas will still be tonight, Februay 14th at 9 pm.  In the event that Menominee is selected the following lodging has been arranged: 

HQ Best Western Riverfront, Marinette, Wisconsin  715  732-1000
A block of rooms has been reserved for the DN fleet, ask for Iceboater Special
Rate is $65 per night.  Pool, whirlpool and bar on site.  Wireless internet, hot breakfast included Monday – Friday only.

Other lodging:  Econolodge, 2516 Tenth St. Menominee, MI  906 863-4431
Special DN Iceboat rate:  $39.95 King (one bed)  (24 rooms avail. 3 smoking)
$49.95 Queen (2 beds) (20 rooms – 4 smoking)
Wireless internet, deluxe cont. breakfast, coffee pot and sauna.

FYI Lodging may be tight until Sunday night because of the Northwest Regatta.  For that reason this information is being shared at this time.

Repeat:  Final Call Tonight at 9 pm this is preliminary only and contingent on final decision of the IDNIRYA Governing Committee which has the sole decision on the final site selection.

Other sites continue to be evaluated including Hamilton Harbor, Ontario, Crystal Lake, Michigan, and St. Ignace, so always check the official hotline en route!

Think ice and get your runners sharp!

Jim McDonagh [us5214]
Class Officer
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« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2007, 10:36:05 AM »

Some pictures of the Ice that the ice checkers took,  posted at http://iceboating.net

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« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2007, 01:46:27 PM »

IDNIRYA World Cup and North American Championship is ON for Menominee, Michigan, Green Bay, Lake Michigan.  Launch site 6 miles north east from Menominee on Hwy 35, turn right on Stony Point Ramp just east of the golf course.

Headquarters is Riverfront Inn -Best Western
1821 Riverside Avenue
Marinette, WI 54143
Phone: (715) 732-1000
Fax: (715) 732-0800

Rate is $65 per night.

other lodging includes

EconoLodge on the Bay
2516 10th St.
Menominee, MI 49858
Phone: (906) 863-4431
Fax: (906) 863-3069

rate is $39.95 for single king or 49.95 for double see above post for more info.,

Other lodging options at http://www.marinettechamber.com/tourism/

More links and info to follow on registration and call in!
Jim McDonagh [us5214]
Class Officer
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« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2007, 02:12:19 PM »

Additional Hotel Information

Here's a quick guide to the hotel scene..

google maps with the lodges listed... the second page has the Merinette hotels

Hotels Near the Water
Econo Lodge on the Bay
2516 10th Street
Menominee, MI 49858
(906) 863-4431
iceboater special King: $39.95 king
Iceboater special Double: $49.95 (going quickly)

Americ Inn
2330 10th St
Menominee, MI 49858
(906) 863-8368
Full Weekend
Sunday - Thursday rooms open
iceboater special: $79.00

Bay Breeze Motel
N1055 State Highway M35
Menominee, MI 49858
(906) 863-6964

Hotels in Marinette, closer to Best Western/HQ
Super 8 - Marinette, WI
1508 Marinette Ave.
Marinette, WI 54143-3102
single: $51.19
double: $56.59
additional people $3
continental breakfast/hispeed internet
rooms still available all nights

Marinette Inn
1450 Marinette Ave, Marinette, WI
(715) 732-0594
few rooms available
$46 double
$36 single

Comfort Inn
2180 Roosevelt Rd, Marinette, WI
(715) 732-2321
a few more rooms available (saturday night is pretty full)
$59.95 double/single queen (no doubles on saturday night)
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« Reply #6 on: February 14, 2007, 02:40:19 PM »

IDNIYRA World Gold Cup Registration information:

Registration will be Saturday Night, Feb. 17th from 7 - 9 pm at the
Riverfront Inn -Best Western
1821 Riverside Avenue
Marinette, WI 54143
Phone: (715) 732-1000

If you have preregistered and paid you still must check in - check in numbers 7-9 pm only on Sat. night:  419 356-8602 or 419 410 4326.

All others must register in person.

Registration for the North Americans will be at the same location with the same call in numbers from 7-9 pm on the evening of the conclusion of the Worlds, unless of course the location is moved.

Jim McDonagh [us5214]
Class Officer
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« Reply #7 on: February 14, 2007, 02:52:06 PM »

Pre-Registered Competitors for the 2007 World Championship

Pre-PAIDNameRankIns.Sail #
YesAbrams, SheldonNUS3042
YesAnderson, Eric25NUS5193
YesBabcock, ButchYUS882
YesBaker, Kent40NUS5219
emailedBaranowski, Adam15NP235
YesBetzoldt, Glenn36NUS5172
YesBierman, DanielYUS2301
YesBlacklock, Peter50YUS4794
YesBlanchard, Stephane48YKC8
NOBohn, JorgNG737
YesBowen, Ted67YUS3865
YesBowman, Hal36YUS1277
YesBrush, DonNUS4009
YesBuchbinder, BillNUS4266
NoCaravitis, Timo32YL37
YesCave, BobYUS445
YesCharbonneau, Jacques43YKC4992
YesClark, ChrisNRYUS4789
YesClark, RichardYUS3700
YesCoberly, J. William23YUS472
YesConnell, Daniel46YUS1630
YesCook, Bob26YUS4915
YesCornelius, Gregory33NUS1019
YesCreigh, John39NUS2170
YesCrucet, Richard M.YUS500
YesCummins, RobertYUS3433
YesDakin, HerbNUS2237
YesDavenport, John5NUS4961
YesDennis, John3NUS4691
YesDeye, MikeNUS5420
YesErikson, JackYUS3186
NoEriksson, Dag11NS74
YesEvans, Rob13YUS4975
YesFirmbach, Catherine48NUS5412
YesFrancis, JR22YUS807
YesGervais, Paul47YUS4626
NoGjerloff, Bent M.55YD321
YesGoodwin, Paul13NUS46
YesGougeon, Jan5YUS1183
YesGougeon, Meade?YUS882
YesGray, Robert31YUS4654
YesGrogan, Jim7YUS3
NoGrothues-Spork, MatthiasNG900
YesHadley, James7YUS3406
YesHarper, John R.2YUS4379
YesHarvey, Douglas31NUS1202
YesHearn, DanielNUS5352
YesHolman, Robert31NUS3705
YesHuttner, Partick37NUS5290
NoJensen, Christian24YD324
YesJohns, Pete23NUS2360
YesJohnson, RandyYUS4000
YesJones, Don?YUS610
YesJones, Stan14YUS4974
J.McdonaghKaiser, RickNUS4249
emailedKardas, Dariusz10NP13
YesKent, Jeffrey17NUS3535
YesKrause, Frederick WilliamYUS3931
YesLeBeau, LeonNUS2000
YesLemberg Jr., Rick16NUS4755
YesLemberg Sr., Richard24NUS4155
YesLinden, RobYUS5174
NoLindgren, Tomas2NS81
YesLofgren, Jon0N
YesLong, GeorgeYUS2138
YesMac Farland, Doug28YUS2500
YesMacur, StanP111
YesMadden, SteveYUS4512
YesMancini, Anthony32YUS1196
YesMcDonagh, James22NUS5214
NOMinavek, OlaxNG419
NoMoller, Ola9NS296
YesMorin, Claude33YKC5001
YesOrlebeke, Steve11NUS4926
YesParker, Bryan30YUS5048
YesParker, Richard29YUS4738
YesPegel, JaneYUS805
YesPotcova, Richard32NUS216
YesRast, Bob50?NDM1313
YesRehe, Michael8YUS5144
YesReis, George26NUS5053
YesReynolds, Brad4YKC4507
YesRichards, Julie41NUS4868
YesRogoski, Randy21YUS4192
NOSchneider, Jacob4NP679
NOSchneider, Martin22NG679
YesSchumacher, BobYUS4032
NOSeegers, ChristianNG551
YesSherry, Ron1YUS44
YesSherry, Wendell13NUS45
YesSmith, Gregory3YUS3662
YesSmith, Ken37YUS4137
YesSobering, Geoff41YUS5156
YesStange, Aaron6NUS4480
YesStefanski, AlYUS5084
YesStruble, Matt1NUS183
YesTeal, Chris27NUS5285
YesUlbrich, Michael26NUS1059
YesUpham, Chester78YUS5237
YesUpham, Mark38YUS3896
Yes-$50.00Wickland, Paul (owes $5)YUS2947
YesWilcox, WesNUS4783
YesWilliams, Don39YUS3909
YesWilliams, John Bruce6YUS3283
YesWollam, Richard28NUS4882
NoZeiger, BeandNG107
NoZiolkowski, Leszek35NP71
YesZoll, DavidNUS4911

*Important Note*

You must be a member of the IDNIYRA and in good standing to compete.  If you haven't paid your 2007 dues, you will have to pay when you register.  Please do not send your membership fees to the NA Treasure at this time.

You must show proof of insurance when you register ($300,000 personal liability, most home owners insurance has this).   If you have a 'N' in the insurance column you must bring along insurance documentation!  You can not race with out proof of insurance!
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« Reply #8 on: February 14, 2007, 10:18:44 PM »

The check in times for the Worlds and North Americans that appear on this bulletin board appear to be different from the times that appear in the notice of race posted at IDNIYRA.ORG. 

If these changes are to be considered official, then the changes should be identified as a change to the Notice of Race, Section 5, Schedule of Events.

Also, please note that in the NOR posted at IDNIYRA.ORG  in the schedule of events the year is 2007 on some lines and 2004 on other lines.

I'm afraid I do not have my Runner Tracks on my desk at this time so do not know if the NOR mailed to members agrees with the NOR at IDNIYRA.ORG.

Jane Pegel, DN 805

Posts: 55

« Reply #9 on: February 15, 2007, 07:03:54 AM »

 The registration time on Saturday Feb. 17 for the World Championship has been changed to 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  For those still on the road, late check-in can be done by phone, call either of these two numbers.
                  419-356-8602          or          419-410-4326
 This was done because of the difficult travel conditions for participants east of Albany, NY.
                                       Have fun, think ice,
                                                 John Harper , Com. IDNIYRA

  ps. remember proof of insurance and always check the the official hotline.---248 988 0851
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