Darling mark may be used at Western Regional Championship


Ken Smith:
We are considering using a Darling mark at the Western Regional Champs in January:

"Unless otherwise notified by notice on the official board or announced at the starting line, there will be two weather marks.  Both marks must be left to port in sailing the course.  The larger weather mark will be furthest to weather.  The smaller "Darling" mark will be placed 50-100 yards approximately downwind of the other weather mark.  On the upwind leg and on the downwind leg, it is prohibited for any boat to sail between these two marks."

Comments appreciated.

Any consideration to a Darling Mark at the leeward mark as well?

John Creigh 2170

Ken Smith:
Most of the comments were made off line.  Most pertinent were the following:   

1.  This is a DN regatta sailed under the auspices of the IDNIYRA rules, which invoke the National Iceboat Authority rules.  None of these address a Darling mark.

2.  There is a transition in obligation if two boats were approaching the darling mark up wind on a port tack.  Since the mark must be left to port, the inside boat needs room to pass the mark, but the outside (leeward) boat is free to luff up and the inside boat, is obligated to let the outside boat luff.  When does that change?  Iceboat rules have no such area where obligations change.  Approaching the weather mark, or any other time on the wind, the inside boat may luff up as he is leeward boat.  Approaching the leeward mark, or any other time when off the wind, the inside boat may head down as he is free to turn away from the wind.  Marks do not change a boat's burden or privilege. 

3.  There are strong feelings on both sides of this issue...

Until the IDNIYRA rules are changed, we will stick with the traditional marks at the western regional championship.


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