Ice Checking


Bob Gray:
  Tis the season to start checking ice. Since the ice is new and generally thin, there's always a chance of going for a swim. Ideally you should never check the ice alone but we all know there are times that we do just that. This is aimed at guys new to the sport and to give those folks a few pointers.  1) Always let someone know where you're checking 2) Put your cell phone in a new zip lock bag and stick it in your jacket pocket 3) Never go out on the ice without a pair of ice picks 4) Either wear your spiked shoes or put something like Yak Tracs on your shoes. A lot or people get hurt slipping and falling on the ice. 5) Carry a really loud whistle 6) Bring along a decent length of rope. I like poly prop rope since its light and floats. 7) If you can get your hands on one, attach a ice screw to the end of the rope. 8) Wear a life jacket of some sort.
   If you take these precautions and go thru the ice you have a good chance to self rescue or getting someones attention and having them pull you out. Most of important of all is be careful and don't take any unnecessary chances.



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