DN Technical Committee issues Kent chock interpretations effectve 01/15/2010


DN 805:
After considerable and thoughtful discussion, the Technical Committee has issued several interpretations to the specifications relating to the "Kent" style runner chock.  On January 16, 2010, Geoff Sobering posted a message on the open forum at www.DNamerica.org that includes a link to a pdf. file where the official interpretations appear.

Please note that the interpretations are dated 1/15/2010 and are effective as of that date. 

In summary, it should be noted that the interpretation relating to B. Runner Plank emphasizes that when the use of the reinforcement bar or stiffening element that is associated with the "Kent" style chock does not comply with the interpretations dated 1/15/2010 relating to I. Fittings, and to E. Runners, the bar will be considered part of the chock and must made be of materials allowed in chocks and also will be measured in the length over all of the runner plank.  The consequence is that the sailor would need to shorten his runner plnak and it would be impossible to reach the maximum allowed lateral cutting edge.  When the bar complies with the specs and interpretations, it meets all the requirements of a runner stiffener and is not measured in the length over all of the runner plank. 

As regards the method of attaching the bar or stiffener to the runner, the interpretation is that if the bar remains attached to the runner after the pivot bolt is removed from the chock, then the method of attachment is satisfactory.

The interpretations dated 1/15/2010 allow the use of the "Kent" style chock in the manner in which it is being used on the majority of boats currently using that style chock and in the manner intended by the designer of this style chock.   If the manner in which you are using the "Kent" style chock does not comply with the interpretations, you must make a modification immediately to be in compliance with the specifications and interpretations.

I extend my thanks to the hard working members of the Technical Committee for their efforts in the development of these interpretations.  I can assure the Class members that their Technical Committee members are devoted to the sport of DN sailling and racing and have a thorough understanding of the specifications.

....Jane Pegel, TC chairperson
DN 805 

Paul Goodwin - US 46:
The full text of the Kent style chock Official Interpretations is available on the IDNIYRA website



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