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I just got my winter 2010 Runner Tracks (thank you !)
On page 26 I was reading about National Letters G13 proposed changes.
My question is not about the change, rather a clarification on the last sentence of that section.
It reads "The letters and numbers shall be one piece, one colour, block style letters on all sails made after July 1989."
Does this mean that all the numbers and letters on a sail have to be the same color or does it mean that any individual letter or number can only be one color? (colour)
For example: The letters DN and US in Blue and the numbers 1234 in red vs. the top half of the numbers and letters in red and the bottom half of the numbers and letters in blue.
What is that last sentence intending to prevent or allow?
Thanks in advance.

Ken Smith:
Back when, some sailmaker was making numbers that were half red and half blue, top and bottom, also left and right.

The intent I suspect is to ensure the scorers can read your sail number.  Since national identifiers cannot be found in the spec, I suspect you are free to make them any color you want.  But the sail numbers have to be one color.

Thank You Ken.

I think I was reading too much into the rule.  I will end up with something similar to the sail in your avitar, the numbers all one color and the letters also all one color, but, a different color than the numbers.


DN 805:
On the sail, each digit, or each letter, should be only one color.

Please be aware that national letters have been proposed for approval and if passed at the annual meeting, will go on a ballot in the spring of 2011.  Currently national letters are not official.

DN 805
Chairperson, TC


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