2011 Ice Opti North American Championships


Daniel Hearn:
Scheduled for Jan. 8-9 in tandem with the 2011 Western Region Championships.  Sharpen 'em up boys and girls, it's going to be a blast! Parents or kids, please shoot me an email to let me know who's coming.  danielhearn@tds.net

Couple reminders:  Only legal DN plate runners are allowed; no inserts.  Must be wearing a  US Coast Guard approved life jacket at all times while on ice whether racing or otherwise.  Other safety equipment required: helment, goggles, ice picks.  And wear plenty of warm clothes, you can always take off layers. 

Free charter boats will be available for any newbies to join the fun.  No experience required.  Contact me via email or phone for info.  608-692-4007

Awards for Top Three Finishers Overall; Top Female Overall; First Race Winner; Second Race Winner. 

Don't miss it!

Mike Miller:
This is the first I have heard of Jan 8-9 for the 2011 Westerns!!

Mark Isabell - DN5014:
This is the first weekend of the new year (after the new year holiday) so it is a "given" that we will go into regatta mode/rotation...... that being said we always schedule the Westerns for the first weekend in January after the new year. Depending on mother nature, the event may be postponed...... like 2010. Now that 2011 is right around the corner everyone should be ready for the "new season" of regattas starting with the Western Regionals.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!

DN 805:
On  page 3 of the Fall, 2010, issue of DN "Runner Tracks" readers can find listed 2011 regatta dates:
The first listed regatta is the DN Western Regional, January 8-9
hot line 608-204-9876 X 5 (corrected)

The second listed regatta is the Ice Opti North Americans, January 8-9, concurrent with the DN Westerns.

I am not aware that the Western Rear Commodore has made the notice of race available.  Try contacting Ken Smith, email kendnsmith@yahoo.com

...DN 805


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